Monday, April 30, 2007

The Double Dog Dare

So, I keep insisting that I was a strong Christian before my doubts about my faith set in. If that was true, how could I become weak in faith and walk away?

Ever have someone dare you? Ever have someone double dog dare you?

Triple dog?

If you've got a lot of passion about a belief and then someone double dog dares you with the challenge that your faith can be proven false – why, it's on, baby! Bring it! Let's go, chump! Who is this uncircumcised Philistine – cause Goliath is fixin' to go down hard and get a beat down!

That's basically what happened to me. I inadvertently came across a documentary trailer for The God who Wasn't There. Most of the trailer just glazed over my mind; It was all junk to me. Why listen to it? But, somewhere in all that stuff I heard:

People continue to believe in Christianity in spite of the evidence against it, not because of the evidence for it.

Huh? What did that guy just say? Did he just say there was more evidence against Christianity than for it? Oh, no he dih-ent! He just basically said that if I knew the real truth, I'd have to lie to myself to remain a Christian!

Did he just double dog dare me?!

Nope. That was a triple dog dare!

Just like David didn't back down from Goliath, I wasn't going to back down from this slanderous accusation against God's Word.

Christianity was solid enough to withstand the harshest criticism. I was ready for the challenge.

"The Bible is true”, I told myself. The only possible outcome is for the Bible to win this challenge.

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