Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love and Marriage Pt. 2

In my previous post, I submitted the idea that marriage in the United States had nothing to do with god, from a legal perspective. Because of this, marriage doesn't make sexual activity moral in my opinion.

Legal -- yes. Moral -- not necessarily. A lot of unethical activities are "legal". And lot of illegal activities should be legal -- this is how the unethical suppression of civil rights is committed.

So then, if the the law only regards marriage as a contract between husband, wife, and the State -- how can the State ban homosexuals from marriage without being unconstitutional and discriminatory?

Remember that from the State's perspective, God has nothing to do with marriage. So, if religion cannot be the State's excuse for banning same-sex marriage --what excuse does the State have?

By the way, did you know that years ago interracial marriages were illegal?

Banning interracial marriage didn't have anything to do with God either.

Or did it?
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