Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Remember ever wondering if back in 1999 that Y2K was going to be the end?
Ever hear some of the preachers saying that the apocalypse was going to unfold in 2000?

Some preachers were even telling their members to buy property with water on it because everything was going back to the stone age -- the time of tribulation was at hand!

I was still a devout Christian back then. I went to church on New Years Eve of 2000 because I was convinced that church was the safest place to be just in case Y2K was the end.

Never mind that the other side of the planet had already celebrated Y2K many hours before we would here in the U.S. and nothing seemed to happened to them!

Anyway, our pastor always "prophesied" that things would only get worse and more people were going to die than the previous year. He seemed to do this on any New Years Eve church service. I guess he did it to calm down all the jubilation people expressed when the clock hit midnight. Yes, the church service would go way past midnight. We wanted to be in god's presence when the New Year began. Service wouldn't let out until 3:00 AM many times. They would even serve breakfast afterward -- not for free, though.

And particularly with Y2K, once we all breathed a sigh of relief that a mass computer crash didn't usher in Armageddon, people went into a celebratory frenzy -- Pentecostal style!

But our pastor still managed to work in his "prophesy" of the same bad news that he gave years before.

Wow! What a killjoy! What an awful way to bring in any new year!

But now I say, lets party like it's 1999 everybody! Especially since we've made it all the way to 2009!

Looks like Y2K didn't kill us after all, huh?

Whoot! Whoot!
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