Thursday, January 22, 2009

History Lesson

My most boring moments in school usually involved history class. I generally hated history.

I would perk up during the chapter about the American Revolution, though. I always thought it was awesome how those guys came together and formed a government that has lasted until today.

Out of all my life, I had only two high school history teachers who kept my attention. Otherwise, history was a drag from grade school through college.

B O R I N G.

Then, September 11th came. Current events suddenly became very important to me.

Then, the Shock and Awe came. Immediately, my mind went back to Desert Storm.

Seeing many of the same faces in G.W. Bush's administration that were in G.H. Bush's administration was suspicious in my opinion. Oh well . . .

But that's when I realized history was very important, yet I hardly knew any of it.

Then, I realized that I knew even less history when I started to explore my faith.

I've learned a lot of history since my deconversion. I share the new things that I've learned with other people. And generally, they never knew such events happened.

I was like that, too. But once you learn about an actual historic event, you cannot unlearn it.

If history is boring for you, it is not because history sucks. You're bored only because the thread of life has not woven your personal present into important past events. A good history teacher tries to do this for you. A poor history teacher only feeds you dates.

Think about it. Challenge your preconceived notions.

Know your history.
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