Monday, February 9, 2009


My son wore glasses since he was three years old because of the early onset of "Lazy eye".

My wife picked up on this as soon as it started happening. You see, "Momma" doesn't let anything get by her watchful eye when it comes to her two precious babies.

But me . . . I thought she was being over protective.

Then I started seeing his eye cross, too.

Mothers are always right about their kids being sick.

Well, almost always. There was the first day we brought our newborn son home from the hospital. I told my wife that we didn't need rush him to the emergency room, but noooooo-- she and my mother wouldn't . . . well, never mind. I digress.

My son is seven years old, now. And while he's usually honest, he's been less than truthful on an occasion or two. So when he told me that he now sees better without his glasses, I was . . . um, what's the word?

S k e p t i c a l.

But, maybe he was telling the truth; Just to be sure, I made an appointment with the optometrist.

In the meanwhile, I ran across an article in the February issue of Scientific American about lazy eye and how the child's brain can adapt with treatment. This same phenomena about brain plasticity may one day be better understood and better applied to adults.

I also read how video games help a child overcome lazy eye.
My son liked that news very much. Momma -- not so much.

Anyhow, many kids with lazy eye wear an eye-patch to correct the problem (Argh, Mateies). The patch covers the good eye, which forces the bad eye to do focus like normal.

Our eye doctor was quite clever, however. He prescribed glasses that accomplished the same goal as the eye-patch. He figured our son would do a better job with glasses, rather than a patch.

He was right.

No wonder that doctor's office stays full.

His schedule is so busy and we've moved farther from his office. So, we took my son to a new doctor.

I explained everything to her and showed her my son's glasses.

After the exam she says that his current glasses are too strong for him. And, she also says that buying him glasses is not worth doing at this time.

Praise be to medical science!

Just so happened, a big family get-together was underway right after my son's eye appointment.

The In-laws noticed that my son wasn't wearing his glasses any more.

I told them that he didn't need them any more. The eye doctor said that the glasses were too strong for him now. His lazy eye condition has been corrected by the glasses he wore.

Everyone that listened gasped with amazement.

I could read their thoughts: God miraculously healed him!

Yeah, my son's eyes were healed alright.

But not for the reasons they all thought.

Maybe they should start reading Scientific American, too.
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