Friday, December 11, 2009

The Invitation

Sometimes I have to interact with my employer's customers. Usually, I like helping customers and find the interaction a pleasant experience in spite of the inconveniences which often come with hands-on customer service.

And just recently, I found myself in such a situation as describe above. During my interaction with a customer, the gentleman explained to me that his life has two primary purposes.

First: To invite people to Jesus.

Second: *wait for it* To offer people the opportunity to start their own online business.

As I assisted this gentleman, (who was quite pleasant to interact with) he asked me if I had invited Jesus into my heart.

With a wide grin, I answered, "Why yes, I have invited Jesus into my heart".

But to myself I thought, " . . . and I have also invited him to leave".

I wanted to simply say, "no". But this way just seemed easier.

Our interaction was way too close to quitting time to give him cause to start trying to indoctrinate me.
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