Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bible Verses + Firearms = Holy War

A company called Trijicon has a multimillion dollar contract with the U.S. military to manufacture sights for firearms.

The serial numbers on these sights actually turn out to be encoded New Testament Bible verses.

Well . . . if nobody notices, what's the harm?

That question is moot now because someone has noticed and the media has reported the findings. The company doesn't deny doing this and doesn't see any problem with inscribing military firearms with encoded Bible verses.

After all, the holy, illuminating light of Jesus will help our military forces acquire their targets with Godly accuracy.

What a way to convince the world that we aren't waging a Holy war against the Musli . . . er, I mean, terrorists!

History has already shown us that when we allow religion to control the government, we get brutal inquisitions.

Allow religion to control the military, and we get a Holy war.

The radically Religious fundamentalists who want to wage a Holy war tend to think their god will triumphantly bring victory with him when he returns to earth. (Returns to earth? From where?) I fear that such believers secretly rationalize that a powerful weapon like a nuclear bomb would be the perfect way to commence the coming of their savior and the end of the Age.

Ergo, the triumphant end of the Holy war.

See why even the smallest mix of church and state is harmful? See why we don't need scripture verses inscribed on the gear of our military? See why we don't need a theocracy?

Can you see nuclear missiles raining down upon the earth causing everyone to suffer-- even those who thought they could win victory through such horrific means?

Can you see why we do not need a Holy war?
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