Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cursed with a Curse

I've heard reports of people saying that the tragic earthquake that rocked Haiti was due to a curse.

Unfortunately, I'm not only speaking of Pat Robertson. Relative to my environment, I've locally heard reports of people saying such things.

I don't want to accuse the whole religious world for such comments, nor do I want to accuse all Christians for such comments.

While I've only heard the comment from Christians so far, I'm certain that not all Christians feel this way. My mom, who is Christian, disagrees with the idea that the earthquake of Haiti was a punishment from God. I'm sure she isn't the only Christian who is appalled by comments by the likes of Pat Robertson.

Geologists know that Haiti sits on top of two separate tectonic plates. While this earthquake couldn't be predicted days in advanced and was a shocking surprise, the potential of a massive earthquake happening to Haiti is of no surprise. Not only is this true for Haiti, but also with California (which had earthquake quite recently. Are these earthquakes connected? Not metaphysically. I mean in geological terms). And other places around the world also have the same vulnerability.

I've also noted a low mummer of spiritual people who claim to have had dreams that would have, could have, or did predict the earthquake of Haiti. And in turn, the earthquake of Haiti is the heralding of greater catastrophes, like the invasion of space aliens, human kind being caught in the struggle of waring forces, or simply the beginning of even more horrific earthquakes like the world has never seen.

A prediction does little good if no one hears of it prior to the foretasted event.
I'd like to see space aliens war against each other over the earth while we humans get caught in the middle. And then, on top of that, people logically conclude that somehow the earthquake of Haiti somehow predicted such!

(As the Lion would say) Oh, Really?

People have a right to voice their views and hold their opinions. But people need to know when their opinions are just that-- opinions.

The phenomenon of Religion is real. But the flavor of any given Religion is an opinion. People must not enforce their religion upon others, threatening the wrath of their god onto someone else. What can be said when I turn the tables and threaten with the wrath of my god instead?

Life on earth is far too diverse to assume your religion opinion is absolutely right.

Those who project the wrath of their god upon the people of Haiti should be very careful. When tragedy befalls the cursesayers, what then? Will they say that God is only working in mysterious ways? Or, God is simply doing what is best for his child? Is he testing your faith? Teaching you? Or are you, too, cursed with a curse?

If you are one who prays, certainly do that for the people of Haiti. But, don't only pray; Consider supporting Haiti with a donation towards a charity that you trust.

And for those who don't pray, perhaps you already believe action is the preferred course. Well then, the only way to express that philosophy is to consider sending support to Haiti in the form of a donation to a charity that you trust.
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