Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enough Is Enough

Well . . .

Lately, I've grown tired of writing about a god that I don't believe exists.

Why spend so much time talking about something or someone that I don't believe is really there?

I find that I really don't concern myself with god so much any more. Rather, my concern is more so with the actions of Fundamentalists that think I'm a fool for not worshiping him. Or the foolish actions of Fundamentalists that make news headlines.

But this sort of talk is preaching to the choir.

I'll still post things here, but probably not nearly as much as I used to-- which really wasn't all the frequent anyhow.

I'm just tired of writing about this topic. So unless something juicy comes up (which I'm sure it will from time to time), I won't post here much any more.

However . . .

While I've grown tired of writing about religion and non-religion, I have not grown tired of writing or blogging in general.

I've started a new blog spot called Uruk's Black Box.

There, I'll talk about all the other things that are on my mind when I'm trying to forget that I live in Jesusland.

Feel free to stop by if you wish. But audience or not, I gotta have an outlet and my new blog spot is (mostly) where that outlet will be.

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