Friday, July 16, 2010

There's a God For That

I've recently heard a married woman give an account of how another married man made inappropriate sexual advances at her.

Among the ways he tried to woo her, he stated that God obviously allowed them to meet for a reason. So what's holding her back from sneaking off with him?


That notion appalled the woman most of all.

That's when I realized something. God is what you make of him.

  • If you need a little infidelity in your life, there's a god (or allah) for that.
  • If you need to be vindictive, then there's a god for that.
  • If you need to hate others that are different than you, there's a god for that.
  • If you need to feel accepted even though the scripture text of your religion calls your lifestyle an abomination, there's a god for that.
  • If you need altruism to exist in the universe, there's a god for that.
  • If you need to start up an inquisition, there's a god for that.
  • Need to burn some crosses in somebody's yard? There's a god for that.
  • Do you need god to be "she" rather than "he"? There's a goddess for that!
There is a god (or goddess) that can fit any need, belief, whim, or hate.

I will admit that some people who believe in god are inspired to love and care for others. People like that usually have a benevolent god in their lives. I think this is because such people happen to already be benevolent for prior reasons.

But even a confidence artist will say that God has caused his victims to cross his path.


Because that's the kind of god a confidence artist will serve.

God is merely a reflection of his worshipers' hearts-- a projection of the deep recesses found within a worshiper's mind.

In the end, God is what you make of him.

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