Monday, May 23, 2011

What Bull!

OK. So, nothing happened on May 21st. Now, Harold Camping suddenly realizes that the "Judgment Day" that he predicted was an "invisible" one-- meaning that the "Judgement" was "spiritual" and not literal.

But, now-- the October 21st date which he predicted as the conclusion of the May 21st prophesy is still scheduled to be the end of the world.

I guess that prophesy will turn out to be a non-literal, spiritual event, too.

But, you know what? Psychology can predict the future better than Harold Camping could.

Just read about what happens when prophecy fails.

Clearly cognitive dissonance is at play, here. Harold Camping's teachings has caused people to give their last for a fallacy. Those who still hang on to his teachings can't face their losses now. So, he and his followers dig an even deeper hole to avoid facing their disappointments and embarrassment.

What bull!

And all that energy-- wasted!
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