Friday, December 19, 2008

The Mighty Thor Lost the Battle, but Won the War

An Ancient Germanic tribe used an oak tree as a point of veneration towards Thor.

That is, until St. Boniface came along in 723 AD and had the tree chopped down as a way to proceed with his Christianization campaign.

Since Thor did not send lightning to save his sacred tree, many of his followers turned and sought baptism on that day. Christ "proved" stronger than the now weaker Thor who no longer deserved worship.

Well, if you want to use that kind of logic, why is a Muslim mosque sitting on the site of the former ancient Jewish temple?

Shouldn't a Christian church be erected at that ancient site instead of a mosque? Why hasn't Jesus moved that mosque out of the way yet?

Maybe it's time we all started calling on Allah. YHWH got stomped by Allah, apparently.

I bet that logic doesn't sound so good now, huh?

Either way, did St. Boniface really win back in 723 AD? Think of all the Christmas trees everywhere during Christmas time nowadays.

Looking at it that way, I think Thor ended up kicking Jesus' ass after all!

Read about it: Thor's Oak
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