Monday, January 5, 2009

Life in the Closet

Living in the closet isn't easy. People should never feel afraid of losing important relationships, gainful employment, or even life and limb simply because of a difference in belief. This problem should not exist in a free society.

I've learned of others who have lost their spouse, their kids, their family and friends because they have chosen to withdraw from religious faith. This problem is not limited to Christianity. Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives in constant danger because she left Islam and became atheist. Jews who have converted to Christianity have given accounts of undergoing persecution to the extent of physical harm.

And think of others who find that heterosexuality does not work for them. And those who feel out of place with the gender assignment that society imposes. These people must risk coming out of their closets or suffer oppression while hiding in their closet. Either way, freedom is suppressed.

We who do not conform to social mores such as belief in god, heterosexuality, or Judeo-Christian mindset are not the misfits of the United States of America.

Instead, the United States of America exists for people like us.

Never forget that.

For everyone who hides in a closet and for everyone that braves coming out -- you have my respect and admiration. My thoughts go out to you and I hope that you always stay encouraged while you walk through your life-journey.
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