Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mars Passes Gas

What would be the implications of finding life on Mars?

I'm not talking about little green Martian men; just finding bacteria on Mars would be a huge discovery.

So, what would that mean?

Oooo, and what if some fossils were found one day!

Anyway, still no conclusive evidence or proof that life is on Mars. But, here's another clue that life might be there -- or perhaps was at one time. And this evidence gives good reason to keep searching for life on Mars -- even if that life turns out to be the tiniest of microorganisms.

You see, observers have witnessed that Mars has been farting.

Yes my friends -- Mars farts.

OK, Maybe fart is the wrong word. But, Mars has been passing gas.

Check out these findings at the link below:

Martian Methane Might Mean Life
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