Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Salvation at a Discount

One aspect of Christianity that often bothered me was the attempt to reconcile contradictory concepts.

God is one -- but he's also Father, Son, and Spirit.

Jesus is God. Yet, Jesus is God's Son.

Salvation is by grace alone. Only the blood of Jesus can save you. Yet, if you don't live a holy life -- even as a spirit filled believer -- you might not make it to heaven.

So, even if I have faith in Jesus' sacrifice, I still need to live by a particular standard.

(void where prohibited, your denomination may vary)

Even though God forgave me through my faith in Jesus, I can still frustrate his grace.

So then, salvation isn't a free gift if I'm still required to follow a certain life style and maintain my salvation. Me and Jesus have to go dutch for my soul.

Yeah . . . I only get salvation at a discount. Salvation is not free.
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