Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Easter Beagle

Religious faith cannot seem to spread without a human being sharing it.

People must be the hands, eyes, ears, feet of and voice of God.

But people cannot always be trusted, yet we must discern whether or not their religious message is truth. To trust the religious message, we have to trust that the person is telling us the truth.

While watching the cartoon special It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, I noticed a little quip about this sentiment.

Linus is known earlier to have unfounded faith in the Great Pumpkin during Halloween. Linus converts his persistent admirer Sally into a believer-- that is until she miss out on "trick-or-treats" because of the failed promise concerning the Great Pumpkin appearance.

Now, Linus is at it again-- this time about the Easter Beagle.

Linus declares to Sally that the Easter Beagle never disappoints.

Sally quips back at Linus, "I'm not afraid of disappointment from the Easter Beagle. But I am afraid of disappointment from you".

Thus my new found hesitation towards religion. Maybe God never disappoints. Yet, perhaps his followers (inadvertently or on purpose) will.

I also noticed another interesting irony--

The Easter Beagle did arrive in the form of Snoopy after all-- seemingly vindicating Linus' faith. The Easter Beagle gave eggs out to all the Peanuts (save poor ol' Chuck. He never catches a break).

Now, Snoopy had acquired the eggs by sneaking behind Lucy and stealing them as she hid them in preparation for the gang's Easter egg hunt.

Thus, the Easter Beagle's unexpected appearance made almost everyone a believer.

Except Lucy, though. She knew what was up. When the Beagle gave her an egg she lamented, "Some Easter Beagle! He gave me my own egg!!"
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