Friday, May 7, 2010

"I Don't Hate God" or "Hay is for Horses"

Sometimes when fundamentalists openly criticize atheists, they claim that we hate god.

As though we are enemies or something-- like we're in league with satan to help oppose god's divine plan. As if to say that we want people to join us in hell.

If there is a hell, well . . . hell . . . I don't wanna go there. But I don't believe there is a hell. So, I'm not trying to make anyone else go there, either.

As with god, atheists tend to not believe that satan exists, either. So . . . it's hard to be purposefully aligned with an entity that you don't think exists.

Atheists are usually adaemonic, too. Unless, of course, you're an atheist that is into Unix or Linux. In that case, daemons are quite real!

Is adaemonic even a word?

Humor me for a moment and picture a barn that is closed and has no windows.

Is a horse in that barn?

If I don't believe a horse is actually in the barn, does that mean I hate horses?

Hey-- I'm just sayin' . . .

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